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Fage "Plain" :: Psyop 

Adjunct Flame

Droplet CG compositing, additional grading, cleanup, vfx, moral support.

Castrol "Tested to Perfection" :: Psyop 

Adjunct Flame

VFX, endtag compositing, CG integration, cleanup, support.

Honda CRV "Baby" :: Mass Market

Adjunct Flame

VFX, CG integration, cleanup, conform, finishing, repeatedly landing a tiny remote controlled helicopter on Kim Stephenson's head.

Google Maps :: Psyop

Lead Flame

This shipped in 2012 and I think the cut just locked like last week.

Cleanup, vfx, grading, animation, conform, finishing.

Coors Light "Game Plan" :: Mass Market

Co-Lead Flame (there were 3 spots, I was in charge of 2)

VFX, nuke artist wrangling, cleanup, conform, finishing.

JC Penney "Blake Shelton" :: Psyop

Co-Lead Flame (I handled the technical stuff)

VFX, 3D tracking, cleanup, conform, finishing.

Keystone "Grillin' with Stones" :: Mass Market 

Lead Flame

Putting the fish in that bird's mouth was harder than it looks.

VFX, conform & finishing.

Cellsouth "Discover" :: Smoke+Mirrors NY

Lead Flame

Screen comps, type design, cleanup, conform, finishing.

ONDCP "Doodles" :: Method NY 

Lead Flame

Grading, look development, endtag animation, conform, finishing.

Vinta "Drive Home" :: Method NY

Lead Flame

The eyes on that prosthetic parrot head did not blink on their own.

Rig removal, cleanup, grading, conform, finishing.

Discovery Channel "Anthem" :: Method NY 

Lead Flame

Compositing, set supervision, cleanup, particle animation, conform, finishing.

ONDCP "Squirrels" :: Method NY

Lead Flame

Composited those lovely CG squirrels.

Compositing, rig removal, cleanup, grading, conform, finishing.

IAVA :: Smoke+Mirrors NY 

Lead Flame

Turns out you can't hang banners over a highway in NY without a permit. They discovered this on the day of the shoot. Good thing I'm pretty good at 3d tracking!

Compositing, grading, cleanup, conform, finishing.

Castrol "Monkeys" :: Smoke+Mirrors NY

Lead Flame

Did you know you' re not allowed to have more than one monkey on set at a time?

Split screens, rig removal, cleanup, conform, finishing.

K-Swiss "Awesome Day" :: Method NY 

Lead Flame

Compositing, set supervision, cleanup, end tag design, conform, finishing.

Nike "I Promise" :: A52

Lead Flame

"It's black & white, so the grade should only take an hour or two,"

VFX, grading, conform, grading, finishing, grading.

Honda "Freedom" :: A52

Lead Flame

This was a blast to work on. 

VFX, set supervision, conform, finishing.

Honda "Wrestler"  :: A52

Lead Flame

One of several :05s we created for the Honda Fit launch. 

Animation, design, CG supervision, conform, finishing.

Unicel "Inspiration" :: A52

Lead Flame

VFX, CG integration, grading, conform, finishing.

Honda "Eyeballs" :: A52

Lead Flame

CG compositing, grading, conform, finishing.

Rome main titles :: A52

Lead Flame

There isn't a week that goes by where I don't think of a way I could have made this thing better. It haunts me. 

VFX, grading, conform, finishing.

Nike "Swing Portrait" :: A52

Lead Flame

From those wonderful days back when agencies didn't quite understand that shooting digitally didn't automatically make things HD. 

VFX, grading, conform, finishing.

Nike "No Excuses" :: A52

Lead Flame

Cleanup, conform, finishing.

Lexus "Fast" :: A52

Lead Flame

Set supervision, VFX, design, cleanup, conform, finishing.

Microsoft "Startup" :: A52

Lead Flame

One of approximately 100,000 brand spots we did for MSFT between 2005 and 2008.

VFX, conform, pipeline management, roto, cleanup, finishing.

Footlocker "UFOs" :: A52

Lead Flame

I was almost killed taking pictures of potholes on Doheney and Melrose in order to make the laser craters. 

VFX, 3D tracking, CG integration, laser design (!), conform, finishing.

Miller "Perfect Beer" :: A52

Lead Flame

I still have a handwritten note from Academy Award Winning Editor Kirk Baxter to my EP that says "Kirk is doing a fucking great job on Miller!"  Like new! Make me an offer!

VFX, animation, grading, conform, finishing.

Technicolor Digital Cinema :: Imaginary Forces

Adjunct Flame

Helped figure out how to get from the eyeball to the logo.

VFX, design, animation.

Janus "Tunnel" :: Imaginary Forces

Lead Flame

CG wrangling, grading, conform, finishing.

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